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L.A. Superstar has been i the cellular business for over a decade , working with a live storefront, right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

We have been serving the Los Angeles area with multiple, retail locations where you can come visit us and take a look at our cellular devices and accessories, with hundreds of models: from cutting edge data phones, to classics that can’t be replaced.

Our goal is and has always been to provide the public with a full cellular service with no strings attached. al under one roof . Super star Cellular is a place where you can purchases GSM/CDMA handsets with no strings attached, pay bills, purchase prepay cards and activations, unlock or reprogram your handset, purchase and install Bluetooth headsets, and even repair a malfunctioning item, plus many more . Our wholesale business allows us to retail items and accessories at a fraction of most major cellular dealers.

We know purchasing a new handset or any variety of accessories can seem like a complicated and somewhat annoying process , however , we try to remedy that with a staff that is fully trained in all of the small details and nuances of the cellular marketplace.

Need advice or help with your phone? We are always glad to help and help you with what you are looking for , whether it involves how to install your Bluetooth headset to traveling overseas with you phone, or what plan best fits you, we are glad to help.

Our full offering of cellular provides mirror our no strings attached philosophy as we refuse to have customers sign long term contracts and only offer plans with no credit checks or terms , or cancellation fees. We proudly carry T-mobile Flexpay , Boost Mobile Unlimited, and Metro PCS service, along with a host of other prepaid options that you can add time to go as you go along. We can present you with the best option to fit your talking needs , all without having to commit to a plan. Even our phones are commitment free, as most of them come unlocked , and allow you to switch carriers as you please, or even take them overseas. You can even bring n your GSM handset to have it unlocked, or your sprint or verizon phone to have it reflashed to the CDMA carrier of your choice.

We are always available, either on-line, by phone, or even in person 7 days a week at one of our retail locations.

At Super Star Cellular we like to think ahead and without borders, which is why we offer our  Star Recycular program in which we buyback/recycle your cellular handsets. We’ll even donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity organization of your choice .

Did you know? Cellular and wireless phone recycling prevents toxic elements and heavy metals from building up in landfills . Lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, beryllium, antimony and nickel can all be found in wireless phones and other electronic devices. There are an estimated 500 million unused handsets in the United States lone. By recycling and refurbishing your old phone, you can prevent more cellular waste from being produced and ending up in landfills.


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