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1) Do all cellular plans require commitment ?

Not only do all cell phones not have extended contracts but you have many choices from unlimited monthly plans all the way to the basic monthly plans that people use with contract prices. If monthly billing is not for you there are many prepaid services which will cater directly to your needs.

2) Can I use my current phone with another company ?

If you have a gsm phone that is currently locked to a particular carrier we can help you with unlocking it to be able to use it with whom ever you choose.

3) What can I do with my old cellular phone ?

If you have a cell phone you no longer use you can recycle it with us or you can pick from our list of charities and we can donate the proceeds to a good cause.

4) Can I come and talk to someone who knows what they are talking about  ?

We have to retail locations at your diposal. You can come visit us 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. If you are not able to come down you can always call us and talk to our well trained staff.

5) How does your recycling program work ?

Ther are millions of phones that are either not used or discarded every year being in the wireless industry we feel that it is our obligation to help the enviorment as much as it is to sell devices. If you have a phone you are not using or want to throw away just send it to us and we will either recycle it or donate a portion of the proceeds from that phone to charity. We will even pay for your shipping expenses.

6) Can you help me with finding the right accessories and getting them to work  ?

We have hundreds of accessories for all kinds of phones from bluetooths to cases and we will give you support with using these items at any time just come and see us.

7) Will my phone have a warranty ?

All devices purchased from us come with a manufacturer warranty  and free support from us so feel comfortable with your purchase .


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